Cassia Seed

Cassia Tora seed is very hard seeds. It is also bold and small. Cassia plant grows in India after monsoon which comes in June or July. Cassia tora seeds will be collected by poor people from forest in November – December.

The Cassia plant mainly grows in the tropical regions of India and is commercially supplied in bulk from regions of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh also some part of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Cassia Tora Split

About Cassia Tora Splits

Cassia tora splits is manufactured from the seeds of Senna obtusifolia or Cassia obtusifolia or Cassia Tora or Cassia Occidentalis.

Cassia grows mainly in subtropical regions and is grows mostly wild and occasionally cultivated. The name is derived from Latin words “obtus” meaning blunt and “folium” meaning leaf. This is annual plant that mainly grows after the Indian monsoon season. This plant bears pods of nearly 20cm which contain many cylindrical seeds. These are the cassia tora seeds that are usually broken into two halves and referred to as cassia splits.

These splits are usually called by different names like cassia tora gum splits, cassia gum splits, cassia splits, senna splits, cassia senna splits etc.

Cassia Gum – A Natural Gelling Agent

Cassia Tora seeds (Cassia Tora L., Cassia obtusifolia L.,Caesalpiniaceae) is subject to different mechanical cleaning steps in order to remove other impurities, such as, farm waste, undeveloped seeds and stones.
After cleaning the seeds are dehusked and de-germed by milling and screening to get cassia tora splits. The splits are ground to a uniform small particle size powder.

Cassia gum powder is also known as cassia powder, cassia tora powder, cassia tora splits powder

It is a natural gelling agent. Cassia Gum Powder E499 has application in pet food and Cassia Gum Powder E427 is used as a food additive. Apart from this, it has many other industrial

Cassia tora meal

Cassia tora meal is also recognized as cassia meal.Cassia Meal is husk and germ of cassia tora seeds and it is widely used as a cattle feed.

It is by-product obtained while manufacturing cassia gum splits.It contain contains 30% protein (O+A).

It is used by cattle feed industries to increase protein.


Used in cattle feed industries to increase protein.

Specification of Cassia Tora Meal

Product Cassia Meal
Protein ( O + A ) 30.00% Min.
Silica ≤2.00%
Fiber ≤10.00%
Moisture ≤10.00%