Oxidized Guar Gum for Slurry Explosives

How Oil drilling is processed?

Drilling an oil or gas well involves several steps prior and after a well is put into production. Primary oil-recovery operations include drilling the well, cementing the casing to the formation and completing the well prior to oil or gas production. Work over operations may be necessary during remedial work in producing wells, usually as an attempt to enhance or prolong the economic life of a well.


Rama Gum Industries is one of the Largest exporter and Manufacturer of fast hydration guar gum used in oil and well drilling along with diversified guar grades

What is remaining oil is recovered?

When flow rate of the oil or gas is diminished, the reservoir of the well may be treated in some manner to increase the flow of oil or gas into the wellbore.

This operation is called secondary recovery, known as fracturing/stimulation operations.

Fracturing/stimulation operations are performed either by acid wash or hydraulic fracturing. When the reservoir is depleted, enhanced oil recovery operations may be needed to increase the well’s production rate. This operation is called tertiary recovery, and involves injection of fluids into the formation surrounding the production well to increase the flow rate of the formation fluid into the wellbore.

In order to accomplish the above mentioned operations, drilling fluids are used as an integral element of drilling programs for primary oil recovery. They are especially designed to perform numerous functions that are critical to the success of drilling operations. In order to perform these functions, drilling fluids should possess particular properties with regard to their rheology, density, and filtration control.

Why Guar is ultimate option for Oil & Mining Industries

Benefits of Guar gum, Effect of guar gum on human body, what is E412Guar and guar derivatives are widely used in fluids for use in oil-well fracturing and stimulation applications.

They are particularly used in hydraulic fracturing fluids, to provide filtration control and rheology to suspend proppant, which are sized particles mixed with the hydraulic fracturing fluid and are used to hold fractures open after a hydraulic fracturing treatment, and carry the proppant into the fractured formation.

They are used in combination with several other chemicals, and particularly crosslinkers to provide optimum crosslinked gels, necessary to suspend the proppant.

Manufacturer of Oxidized Guar gum for Explosives

The ultimate viscosity of guar is heavily dependent on the quality of guar splits. While a few changes in the process may contribute to enhance the ultimate viscosity by a small amount, a main contributor remains the quality of the raw material. Over the past few years, Rama Gum exports oxiguar that is manufactured using speciliased guar splits which has been commercialized, and has been used to produce “high viscosity” guars. Such a high quality of guar is now imported to the USA, Russia and many other countries to all the majors pumping companies have adopted its use.

Ricol Oxi-Guar is oxidized guar mainly used in slurry water gel explosives, To produce such guar, the use of the newly engineered guar splits is not sufficient enough to fully extract the optimum viscosity potential out of the splits. Adjustment of process parameters is required. Laboratory experiments did highlight the importance of the initial wetting and tempering conditions to produce enhanced ultimate guar viscosity. However, many of the process changes would require a significant capital investment to consistently produce the desired viscosity guar.

Why Manufacturers Choose Rama Gums as their Oxidized Guar Gum supplier ?

Rama Gum is a customer-centric company involved in acquiring, processing and export of guar gum, since 1989. The company is Certified along with GMP+, BRC, HALAL, KOSHER and FAMI-Qs Certified and recognized company.

The company also offers high quality of Guar Gum Powder, Guar Gum Splits, Guar Meal, Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Powder, Cassia Tora Splits, Fenugreek Gum Powder and Sesbania Gum Powder.

We have an advanced infrastructure, skillful personnel, and efficient R&D department which promote us to provide high quality products and unmatched customer services at the cost-effective rates to our valuable customers across the globe.

All Guar is 100% natural, gluten free and vegan, our end-product is also certified and made exclusively from guar beans grown in the India via sustainable farming.

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