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People, planet & prosperity: why we all need sustainable agriculture

used Rama’s sole belief is to Bind long term relationship with customers, which made us efficient in practicing to sustainable sourcing of raw material, We are known for providing high quality of ingredients, Increase in efficiency of supplies,

In India Guar being an heritage crop is been grown for many years, Most of it from rain-fed fields on marginal land located in semi-arid states of Northern India – Rajasthan, Punjab,Haryana and Gujarat

Because it is rain-fed, and not watered from irrigation, Guar does not draw from ground water natural resources nor impact communities’ water supplies.

Historically, Guar Beans were grown as a sustenance crop that was an important food and nourishment source for people and animals in poor communities.

Today, Rama group actively supports family farmers to use sustainable farming methods through farming education programs and ongoing activities. No synthetic fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide, no genetically modified seed (no GMO) or no groundwater is used to grow our Guar Beans. Also, the plants are for crop rotation to naturally replenish the soil with essential nutrients and fertilizers.

You might not know it, but you’ve probably consumed guar before, while enjoying a snack to washing your hairs. From food and beverages to Cosmetics, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals, this widespread thickener derived from the seed of a drought-resistant legume is just about everywhere. Another thing you might not know is that 80 percent of the world’s guar is produced in India

Sustainable farming methods have the potential to considerably increase farmers’ yields, mitigate the effects of climate change and provide farmers, their families and their surrounding communities with opportunities to build more prosperous societies – so they too can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The business benefits of sustainable sourcing are also clear. It helps secure our supplies and reduces risk and volatility in our raw material supply chains. It opens up opportunities for innovation: by focusing on people’s sustainable living needs and consumer preference, we build stronger brands. Sustainable farming methods can also improve the quality of our products.

At Rama Gums, we believe “Our Growth is determined by the growth of our surrounding community” So, With sustainable farming practices we educate for avoiding hazardous synthetic chemicals along with green technology and zero manufacturing discharge, Rama Gums helps to protect public health in Northern India, promoting stronger, more vital communities and making life healthier and safer for workers and the local families
Rama Gum Industries (India) Ltd. Believes its social responsibility as the fourth pillar towards exponential growth, we always ensure that not only our clients receive the highest quality, reliable guar products but also our society gets Priority & benefit from our existence.

“Our Growth is determined by the growth of our surrounding community”
– Mr.Babubhai Shah (Founder)