We at Rama aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations even as our business grows. Improving the eco-efficiency of our manufacturing sites and offices helps us cut their environmental impact, reduce running costs and enhance overall site performance

Our Framework Standard towards Environmental care
Decoupling growth from our environmental impact

Our Vision is to grow our business whilst decoupling our environmental impact from our growth. We consider the reduction of our greenhouse gas (GHG), water and waste impacts across our value chain, from sourcing our raw materials to within our own manufacturing and operations. We also aim to source our agricultural raw materials sustainably.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Our programs is aligned with the WCM philosophy, which seeks to integrate sustainability through continual improvement, and investment in efficient equipment and new technologies. This includes regular audits of environmental performance by internal experts

We’ve been monitoring the environmental performance of our operations for over 20+ years, but we seek to continually improve our processes. As, we have automated measurement, monitoring and targeting systems at manufacturing sites which enable us to track performance and identify opportunities to improve eco-efficiency using data.