Organic Guar gum Supplier in USA, Canada and European countries

Increase in demand of Organic Guar Gum Market and Consumption

Rama Gum is largest manufacturer and supplier of organic guar gum powder in major American, Canadian, European and Asian countries

organic guar seed and splits

Organic food is food produced by methods complying with the standards of organic farming. Standards vary worldwide, but organic farming features practices that cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Organizations regulating organic products may restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers in the farming methods used to produce such products. Organic foods typically are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives

Rama Gum Industries Being Organic certified Company takes care form Framing to Making it to your panatry

In the 21st century, the European Union, the United StatesCanadaMexicoJapan, and many other countries require producers to obtain special certification to market their food as organic. Although the produce of kitchen gardens may actually be organic, selling food with an organic label is regulated by governmental food safety authorities, such as the National Organic Program of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)[2] or European Commission (EC).[3]

The Process of Organic Guar Gum Production

Guar Gum is produced from the endosperm of guar beans. The procedures involved in organic guar gum production are straightforward and easy to understand. The powder results from the harvesting de-husking, milling, and screening of the guar plant beans.

The guar gum powder is extracted from the seeds of the plant via a process that has four main steps: roasting, de-husking, grinding and sieving.

The resulting product is an off-white, flour-like powder with an earthy odor. Production costs are lower when compared to those of some other vegan food thickeners, As organic guar gum powder is enormous and growing every day because of its extensive use in multiple industries.

Rama Gum Industries is one of the world’s main producers of guar gum based in India, Currently India accounts for 80% of the total guar produced in the world, and 70% of it is cultivated in Rajasthan

Consumer Review on Organic Guar gum powder

Nowadays, Consumers in European Union, the United StatesCanadaMexicoJapan, and many other countries prefers organic food, earlier when consumer would believe in what the seller or manufacturer says, consumers are taking the initiative to question about the products they consume. Regulations in the food industry have also required food producers and processors to detail the contents of their products.

The development of organic products was occasioned by constant rejection of products which showed high levels of certain chemicals. Consumer now ask for information about how and where the products were made, what inputs were used and even sample test results of the products. The consumption of organic products has required that even additives to food substances to be of organic origin therefore the increased demand for guar gum as a food thickener and stabilizer.

Why use Organic Hydrocolloids?

Hydrocolloids as are highly preferred over synthetic stabilizers and thickeners due to various factors such as being naturally occurring as well as due to its numbers of health benefits. Artificial stabilizers must be produced through a chemical process which makes them more expensive and subject to availability of raw materials for their manufacture.

Hydrocolloids along with their health benefits such as when consumed they Gradually reduce risk of disease such as cardiovascular diseases. Hydrocolloids such as the guar gum have high % of soluble fiber. Tests have shown significant decrease in total cholesterol in the body by up to 5% with continued consumption of foods rich in soluble fibers such as hydrocolloids.

The effect of guar gum on lipids metabolism have also been studied and shown to reduce blood cholesterol by up to 10 %. Another health benefit of the guar gum is in its ability to reduce the glucose and insulin effects on carbohydrates when consumed in sufficient amounts this is important for the management of type 2 Diabetes. Hydrocolloids are also useful as laxatives as well as anti diarrhea remedies.

Applications of Organic Guar Gum Powder

  • The customers are inclined to maintain their well-being by using natural products. They ask about the source and method of production of raw materials. Thus, the demand of organic guar gum has risen worldwide in the following industries:
  • Organic guar gum is used as binding and disintegrating agent in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. It is also used as gelling agent in pharmaceutical industry.
  • It is used in confectioneries as a gelling agent. It is also used in making ice-cream as it avoids ice crystal formation and maintains good texture and mouthfeel of food items.
  • It is applied in the pet feed industry as a gelling agent. The organic guar husk is also used as animal and poultry feed.
  • It is widely used in textile sector as a thickening agent. It enhances the quality of cloth and fiber.
  • It is utilized in cosmetics industry for sizing purpose. It can also use to bind raw materials used in cosmetic industry.

Future Market For Organic Products Such As Guar Gum Powder

The markets for organic products such as the guar gum, guar meal and organic food continues to grow with more and more applications coming up. Guar gum has an application in almost all industries therefore continued production should be a priority.

Why Rama Gum is ranked 1st in Organic Guar Gum Supply?

Rama Gum is a customer-centric company involved in acquiring, processing and export of guar gum, since 1989. The company is Organic Certified along with GMP+, BRC, HALAL, KOSHER and FAMI-Qs Certified and recognized company.

The company also offers high quality of Guar Gum Powder, Guar Gum Splits, Guar Meal, Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Powder, Cassia Tora Splits, Fenugreek Gum Powder etc.

We have an advanced infrastructure, skillful personnel, and efficient R&D department which promote us to provide high quality products and unmatched customer services at the cost-effective rates to our valuable customers across the globe.


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