Psyllium Husk Powder For Cosmetic Industries

What Is Psyllium Husk ?

Botanical name : Plantago Ovata

Psyllium husk is cultivated in different regions of India and various other countries. It requires warm weather and shows growth by exposure to sunlight. Psyllium is acquired in two forms, powder and dry seed. It is also available in the granules and capsules.

RICOL Psyllium husk powder, generally known as Isabgol, It is high in fiber and a gluten-free product. It has vital properties to deliver in every field and is transported to several industries according to the demand.

Psyllium husk and powder is a beneficial source to the food, pharmaceutical, and the cosmetic industry. The cosmetic industry has beneficial advantages from psyllium husk as well as psyllium powder. Psyllium has efficient skincare qualities and is suitable to use in cosmetics for general purposes.



The composition of psyllium seeds husk consists of three distinctive components. It has high fermentation, no fermentation, and low fermentation element.

The highly fermentable part comprises of 15-20%, the unfermented is 10-15%, and the low fermentable is 55-60% of the total weight of the psyllium. Besides, it has xylose, arabinose, uronic acid, glucose, rhamnose, mannose, and signs of ribose as recommended by some studies.

Psyllium Plant


Psyllium husk is the coated seed, thriving in the Plant Plantago Ovata. Psyllium powder refers to the product obtained after crushing and processing psyllium husk. India is a dominating country in shipping psyllium husk powder with the highest production rate of psyllium in the world because of its weather support.  India governs the total of 80% export of psyllium husk and powder of the world.

Transportation of psyllium husk and psyllium powder to the cosmetic industry requires the fulfillment of various steps. It passes through the mechanical procedure to reach the packaging. At first, the psyllium is refined in the cleaning chamber. It is then followed by crushing and purification. After completion of these stages, psyllium powder is then collected and packaged for sending to the destination.

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The bundles of the product are exported to the various industries of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and many more demanding countries. The cosmetic industry has applied strategies to use the psyllium husk powder beneficially, and still searching for ways to use it as a valuable skincare product.


It is an old traditional belief; eating habits influence the skin. It has been evident, to some extent, the consumption of nutrients affects your health and skin. The intake of the psyllium in the form of husk or powder may work as an agent in pushing toxins out through the pores of the skin and it is known to have excellent skin exfoliation and cleansing character.

The psyllium husk powder is used in the manufacturing of face scrub and is known to provide glow to the skin. Its presence is evident in the base as it has excellent binding and blending capacity. A variety of the face masks and hair gels include the use of psyllium husk and husk powder.

The acne problem prevails to every second person. The fiber in the psyllium husk and powder can be used in manufacturing products as a solution for the acne problem and it may also help to get rid of the pimples, ensuring a flawless look to the skin.


The production of psyllium husk and its powder at a large scale is a significant task in today’s times due to growing demand in different industries. Psyllium has a noticeable purpose in the cosmetic industry with its products like husk and husk powder. Due to several properties, it is of significant use in today’s times in the cosmetic industry.

The Crystal clear benefits of Ricol Psyllium products for the diverse industries are many, and there may be even more waiting in the wings of time and scientific research.

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