Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) – Cure for constipation, No more diarrhea, Easy weight loss, Gluten free fiber

1) Treat Acidity:

Psyllium Husk and Powder is the sure-shot and natural remedy for acidity. It works as a Protective layer inside the stomach from the burning sensations. Psyllium secrets acids that aid in smooth digestion.

2) Constipation Relief :

The best mixture of insoluble and soluble fibres makes useful remedy for constipation. The toxins substances are pushed out from the body when Psyllium mixes and expands in the stomach. This results in relieving constipation and improving the consistency of stool as it absorbs water from the food.

3) Weight Loss :

Psyllium Husk and Powder has great properties that aid in weight loss. Consume Husk or Powder half an hour before meal with a glassful of water to allow expansion.

This leads to appetite reduction which in time leads to shrinking on the stomach. Additional advantages include lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

4) Natural Bowel Movements :

To keep the digestive system healthy, enough fibers should be consumed in proportion. Bowel function is essential to avoid problems like constipation (and subsequently haemorrhoids), which can have a huge impact on how we feel on a daily basis. Psyllium Husk or Powder relieve problems like diarrhoea, and it can also aid chronic illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome.

5) A Great Source of Fiber :

Psyllium Husk and fibre contains high proteins and low carbs which eliminate cereals, fruits, whole grains which also reduce the intake of dietary fibres. A teaspoon of husk or powder shall add a quick boost to your fibre intake.

6) Gluten-Free Fiber :

In confectionaries, Psyllium Husk and Powder is mainly used as an ingredient due to gluten free characteristic and easily dissolves with water. It also helps in preventing gluten free baked products from getting crumbly and dry. Psyllium could really be the magical ingredient to control weight despite having your favourite food. People who are really suffering or people who do like gluten products/ foods can cook with Psyllium husk and powder. Products like cakes, Pancakes, Bread and Smoothies.

7) Intake of Psyllium Husk or Powder :

It is advised that intake should be built up gradually due to its nature of expansion when mixed with water. The dosage recommended is 2.5 g of Husk or Powder with 300-350 ml of water or Juice and this can be consumed twice a day. It is very important to drink enough liquid because this may block the throat. Humans suffering from swallowing issues or oesophageal narrowing are advised not to have the Psyllium.

We always look toward Quality.

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Our Certifications

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