Roasted Guar Korma best substitute for Soybean meal

Guar Meal is a natural animal feed but is also used as binder for other feeds. It typically comes in two forms: Guar Meal Churi (Hull) and Guar Meal Korma (Germ).

Whereas Soybean Meal is a by-product obtained during soybean oil extraction

Comparison of Guar meal with Soybean meal

Rama Gums is largest manufacturer of Roasted guar korma in India, The high amino acid content makes Guar Meal an appealing and potential source of protein supplement for animals. Moreover the germ fraction contains energy, protein, methionine and phosphorus in higher levels than in other best available vegetable proteins. The comparison of guar meal with soybean clearly concludes that guar meal can be introduced as a suitable replacement for conventional meals without any adverse effects.

  • Amino Acid analysis
Parameters Soybean meal Guar meal Korma (50%)
Cysteine 0.70 1.00
Leucine 3.49 2.40
threonine 1.78 0.03
Tryptophan 0.64 0.52
Tyrosine 1.57 6.13
Valine 1.80 2.54
Arginine 3.39 9.96
Histidine 1.19 3.75
Methionine 0.57 2.96
Phenylalanine 2.22 3.47
Glycine 2.00 5.85

According to above details Normal Guar Korma can partially replace Soybean whereas Roasted Guar korma can fully substitute soybean meal in animal feed.

  • Guar Meal vs. Soybean meal
Parameters Guar meal Churi Guar meal Korma Roasted Guar meal Korma Soybean meal
Protein 40-42% 45-52% 55-58% 46-48%
Fiber 6-12% 6-12% 5-6% 6%
Fat 5-7% 5-6% 5-6% 0.20-1%
Ash/Sand – Silica 5-7% 4-6% 1-2% 2%
Total Energy 2698 K Cal/Kg 4050 K Cal/Kg 4100 K Cal/Kg 3650 K Cal/Kg
Calcium 0.30 0.55 0.55 0.25
Phosphorus 0.42 0.68 0.68 0.58
Pepsin Digestibility 87-90% 80% 87% 84%
Trypsin Inhibitor 2 mg/g 2 mg/g <1 mg/g (Nearly Nil) >2 mg/g
Urea Activity <0.10% <0.10% <1% <0.10%
Aflatoxin Nil Nil Nil Nil
Salmonella Nil Nil Nil Nil
E Coli Nil Nil Nil Nil

Conclusion – As per above experiment and research by Rama Gums, Normal Guar Korma can partially replace Soybean meal but when analyzed Roasted Guar korma can fully substitute soybean meal for animal feed consumption.

This inhibitor limits the formation of trypsin which is an essential enzyme for nutrition. Therefore the Guar korma is heated at high temperature which breaks the cell walls and enhances the protein and amino acids digestibility in the product.

Excellent replacement for Soybean Meal, with highest protein value and lower cost advantage

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Product we offer

  • Normal Guar Korma (Raw)
  • Roasted Guar Korma – PROFAT (Clean/Unclean)
  • Super Roasted Guar Korma – HIGH PROTEIN
  • RICOL® – Isolate protein
  • Organic Guar korma

Advantages of Roasted Guar Korma

  • Higher percentage of Crude Protein (CP)( Above 56% O&A)
  • Higher Digestibility Percent(85-90%), due to the removal of anti-nutritive factors
  • More desirable and balanced Amino acid Profile
  • Higher Energy content and fat percentage
  • Lower percentage of less digestible Fiber
  • Higher Palatability, complete elimination of characteristic bean odor and taste

About Rama Gum Industries (India) Ltd.

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Guar Gum powder and Guar Gum Splits in Gujarat, India. We here at Rama Industries give great importance to Quality. Packaging of Guar Gum is done in such a way that it preserves the highly delicate product in good condition for a long time.

Rama industries and its flagship brand Ricol command a high reputation worldwide for quality products, efficient services and level of reliability as a stable supplier of quality products. The company lays special emphasis on maintaining quality standards parallel to the highest in the industry. It is always busy developing new and improved products for various applications.


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